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Related article: Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 08:22:50 -0700 (PDT) From: Max Subject: After Bedtime Lessons part oneDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction and not intended to encourage or endorse the activities described in the story. Do not do these things in real life. Feeback to the author is encouraged at priapus2000adyahoo.com Enjoy! After Bedtime Lessons "Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!" I rolled over and looked at the alarm clock. The glowing red letters informed me that it was 12:45 am. Sleepily I looked over at the side of the bed where Danny, my eight year old son stood. "Whatsa matter Dan? Bad dream?" "I hurt it Daddy," Danny explained, "I hurt it and it won't go down." "Hurt what Danny? Bump your head?" I asked as I sat up on the edge of the bed. With the moonlight streaming in through the blinds I could easily make out the figure of Danny standing by my bed. "No....I touched my .... I hurt my ding a ling," he confessed. "Ding a ling? You mean your penis?" I asked, mentally cursing my prude ex-wife for teaching our son such a dumb nickname for his penis. "Yeah, my penis. I touched it," Danny sobbed as he started to cry, "I'm sorry." "Hey, Hey Dan. Hey buddy, don't cry you didn't do anything wrong." I hugged my little boy to my chest and patted his naked back. "It's ok, buddy. Everybody does it, even daddies. You don't ever feel bad about it. Ok?" "Ok," he said with a snort as he blew his nose on a tissue I gave him. "But it still hurts, it won't go down." "Well lets just check it out," I said as I tugged his little white briefs down below his crotch. Out sprang to source of his 'discomfort' , his stiff little boycock. It stuck straight out at a 45 degree angle and looked as hard as brass. "Hey Dan the man, ya gotta boner. An erection." "Whatsa 'rection?" he asked, looking curiously at his rock hard cock. "Well, an erection is what happens to your penis sometimes. Like when you touch it Underage Lolita Galleries or maybe it just happens for no reason at all." "Why?" he asked still staring at his new friend. "Well... for one reason...it gets bigger so you can make it feel good. Here let me show you, can I touch your penis?" Danny didn't hesitate, he stepped closer between my legs and jutted his hips out so his dick was pointed right at me. "Yeah," he said. I wetted my fingers in my mouth and gently took his shaft between my forefinger and thumb. I slowly stroked his 3 inch penis, laughing softly as he shuddered. "Feels good , don't it". "Yeah," he whispered. I had to steady him with my other had as he swooned with pleasure. "Feels good Daddy." I let go of Danny's penis and let him catch his breath. "If you keep playing with it like that then it starts to feel real good and you get a sort of a explosion." "Explosion?!" he exclaimed, hi eyes growing wide. "Yeah, it's called an orgasm. It's the best feeling, like being tickled kinda, and then your erection goes down. Gets soft again." "Do you get 'rections and orgizms?" he asked, struggling with the new words. "Ya bet I do! Hey, you wanna see? You wanna see Daddy's 'rection, I mean erection?" "Yeah!" I stood up and stepped out of my boxers. My half hard dick dangled in front of Danny's face. Danny quietly stared, taking the sight of my cock in. He had seen me naked before, but never this close. He was mesmerized. I shook my hips a little, making my cock jiggle and bounce. "Look at Daddy's big floppy penis," I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. Danny giggled and gingerly held up his hand to touch it. "Go ahead, touch it," I suggested, "feel it before it gets erect." Danny put one hand on my cock and gently squeezed it. My cock responded to the soft touch and jumped a bit as it got harder. Danny jerked back in surprise and let go. "It won't bite," I gently explained. Danny put his hand back on and wiggled it a little. "Your penis is growing!" Danny laughed. "It's getting bigger and bigger." I sat down on the edge of the bed again and let Danny play with my cock for a Underage Lolita Galleries while. He playfully explored it, using both hands now and clearly enjoying himself. He ran his little fingers through my hairy bush of my pubic hair. Soon I was fully erect, about nine inches long. He leaned in for a closer look and I flexed the muscles around the base of my cock, making it move back. Danny leaned even closer, so I let it fall forward, hitting him it the face. He shrieked at first and then we both started to laugh. "Do it again Daddy! Do it again!" he insisted. I flexed my cock for him and then suggested, "Now you try." Danny took a step back and with a determined look on his face proceeded to try. Pretty soon he had his little boycock wiggling at his command. "Look at me!" he said proudly. "Good job Dan the Man. Nice penis work." I got down on my haunches in front of Danny and got my cock level with his. "Dick duel!!" I shouted, as I poked his penis with mine. Danny immediately caught on and poked me back. Grinning he put his hands on his hips and stepped out of his briefs, before lunging forward wielding his penis like a tiny rapier. " I got you! I got you Daddy!" he yelled as he tapped my hard cock with his. "Aaargh you got me! You got me with your mighty penis." I said as fell back as if reeling from a Underage Lolita Galleries blow. "PENIS POWER!!" he shouted standing over me triumphantly. Then he jumped on me and we wrestled around on the floor, giggling as our hard dicks innocently touched each other. Soon we collapsed and lay in a heap, catching our breaths. "Hey sport?" I asked after a few minutes, "Ya wanna watch Daddy have his orgasm? I gotta surprise for ya" Danny quickly said yes and I showed him how to use hand lotion to lube my dick. Facing my cock, he straddled my chest and watched intently as I jacked myself off. I could feel his soft little scrotum dragging across my hairy chest as he leaned forward, straining for a closer look. "Here it comes buddy!!! Aaaah ya!!!! Here's your first load Danny!" I shouted as geyser of cum sprayed Danny in the face and chest. Several squirts shot out onto a surprised Danny before the eruption slowed down and the rest of the cum squirted out on my stomach. Danny quickly turned around. "What was that Daddy?" he asked. I had to suppress a laugh at the sight of his face, nearly completely white from being covered with cum.. Gently toweling his face off with my boxers, I briefly explained about Daddy's special 'seed'. "Will I shoot some seed to Daddy?" he asked. "No, but I just got an idea for you, a special way for you to have an orgasm. Seeing as it's your first time." I said eyeing his engorged cock. "Boy you sure are hard," I whistled as I felt his raging hardon. My boy had suffered long enough. I had him straddle my stomach, facing me this time, and get his dick and balls into a puddle of the cum that had landed me. Holding onto his waist I showed him how to hump my belly, using my cum as lube. Danny quickly caught on and was soon humping my hard stomach with wild abandon. I have hard washboard abs, just what my boy needed to rub against. I let go of his waist, put my arms behind my head and watched him go. "Good job Danny, good boy," I encouraged, " have fun with your penis. Really work it buddy." "Ohhhh Daddy ohh!" he moaned as he fucked my abs, "it's sploding it's sploding....." His words turned to gibberish as he came. "That's how you do it son, that's how you do it Dan the man!" I held him up as his little body was wracked by an intense orgasm. Then I hugged him to my chest and kissed his face all over. "That was fun Daddy!" he said, kissing me back, after a few minutes rest, "Can we do it again?" "You're going to wear Daddy out sport." I chuckled as I carried him to bed and tucked him in. "Maybe tomorrow." THE END
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